ApeAbu Announce Airdrop Of ABUZ for 3500 Spots Only

ApeAbu Collection
3 min readMay 27, 2022


ApeAbu, the innovative historic-based gaming metaverse run by a team of great experts has launched a large airdrop to issue 70,4000 ABUZ tokens in native ABUZ tokens.

The Airdrop is for early adopters of the community and so each registration will earn 100 ABUZ for free, plus each referral will reward 100 ABUZ.

The airdrop is now available and lives on the official platform till the closure announcement is out.

Visit : www.apeabu.com


Abuse is also running a comprehensive rewards program besides bounty.

Each user will earn a 5% ETH monthly royalty on minting prices. Not only rewards but NFT presale participants can also earn more tokens by inviting friends/family to join the campaign.

The Whitelist program of NFT presale will begin shortly

Abuverse is offering 2323 rare collections with 5% ETH monthly royalty on minting prices along with 5% ETH + 100 ABUZ tokens on every referral purchase. Most significantly, holders and investors feel that these assets hold a huge upside potential.

The belief and faith of participants in our project have raised the ApeAbu Genesis Squad name which will pique the interest of the worldwide crypto community as well. Offers are available at https://apeabu.com/:

  • Get 100 ABUZ on registration at Abuverse
  • Get 100 ABUZ on each referral.
  • Join the social media bounty and earn 100 ABUZ.

In order to welcome the new community and build a reliable user base we are running the social media bounty program. Through efficient planning and sophisticated strategies, we plan to carve out a reputation as the go-to GameFi network.

For gamers and investors alike around the industry, ApeAbu is an attractive option relating ERC assets as it boasts maintaining speed and effectiveness. For this specific reason, major GameFi projects like Abuverse is deploying applications on BSC as a way to offer a fair access to players globally, while making sure scalability is not jeopardized.

We believe that this is basically a first airdrop of its kind which is developed and static on a common mechanism which targets the same motives as emerging project to attract new community members and eventually reward existing holders for their loyalty.

In our case, we will be demonstrating overall communities with combined forces to create a bond needed to call a massive wave of cross-adoption within the gaming industries. Users will be exposed to the historic princess hunt game with new NFTs while having a chance to win rewards that will instantly give you a leg up on the competition.

The best part is this airdrop is simply easy and straightforward. A reminder for interested participants and gamers- do follow ApeAbu project on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Facebook, Medium and Discord, Reddit and fill in the document for record here:


Every user needs to submit the ERC20 wallet and email address for the further verification process. Make sure to join us as soon as possible to never miss a chance to grab your hands on exclusive assets and NFTs.

The Public mint of ApeAbu NFT will be live soon!

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