APEABU NFT Whitelist Program Is Now Live!

ApeAbu Collection
1 min readJun 2, 2022


APEABU Begins Whitelist program of APEABU Collections

Hurry Up ! 10% off applicable

APEABU NFT Collections are rare NFT Characters that will be used in the Abuverse Metaverse game along with its traits of hats, shoes, jerseys, power tools,s and more.

The Mint sale of these NFTs will be live directly on OpenSea and the whitelist of 2323 collections is now live.

Why join APEABU Whitelist program?

  • Whitelisted members will be the first to join the mint sale
  • Whitelisted addresses will have 10% off on the whitelist price
  • The addresses will also receive a bonus of ABUZ tokens
  • Also, this whitelist will be applied for the future mint of chapter 2 and chapter 3

How to Join?


Step 1: Visit www.apeabu.com

Step 2: Click the Whitelist button —

Step 3: Connect your ERC20 wallet ( metamask, trust..) and Register your account

Step 4: In Dashboard — See option “Reserve Spot

Step 5 : Pay 0.008 ETH from your wallet.


You will be the first to be notified when the mint is going to be live!

Also, check

ApeAbu Airdrop for ABUZ token is live : https://apeabu.com/airdrop

The Public mint of ApeAbu NFT will be live soon!

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