ApeAbu NFT Youtube Campaign, Review and Win Reward

ApeAbu Collection
1 min readMay 16, 2022


As of the extended support on ApeAbu NFT’s minting program, we are announcing a campaign of $10,000 for 50 youtubers.

ApeAbu YouTube campaign is a Bounty program that allows youtubers and video content creators to review the project details on their channels.

The content guidelines mentioned below

  • Review only www.apeabu.com , and rely on information released on the official sites only
  • The Channel must have minimum 5000 active subscribers with no fake engagement OR minimum 5K views on each video
  • The Channel must be at least 1 month old
  • The Channel must be preferably of NFT, Art , Crypto
  • The Video must contain clear Images and website and NFT’s
  • The video must have proper title , description , links and keywords

Submit the completed video here for review : https://forms.gle/GGB8PBk3eYjSNB7MA


We have reserved $10000 worth ETH and $ABUZ for youtubers and video creators. Once the video is approved the rewards will be distributed immediately.