ApeAbu NFT YouTube Campaign, Review and Win Reward!

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2 min readMay 23, 2022


ApeAbu Invites Youtubers and Content creators to join the special bounty and win ETH + ABUZ token rewards.

This bounty campaign is the first of its kind over at Abuverse and we are glad to offer our holders, community assertive players, and supporters this amazing opportunity.

The Campaign

As of the extended support on ApeAbu NFT’s minting program, we are announcing a campaign of $10,000 for 50 YouTubers.

ApeAbu YouTube campaign is a Bounty program that allows YouTubers and video content creators to share a review of the project and NFT details on their channels.

We welcome every interested candidate to make a possible contribution to the project development by joining this campaign.

ApeAbu metaverse is a platform to incentivize and offer users with exclusive set of rewards for playing their all-time favourite historic game- The Princess hunt. We currently offer our users rewards as digital assets in the form of $ABUZ tokens.

The content guidelines with dos and don’ts are mentioned below:

  • Review only www.apeabu.com, and rely on information released by the official channels only.
  • The channel must have minimum 5000 active subscribers with no fake engagement
  • It should have minimum 5K views on each video
  • The participant’s forum account needs to be at least 1 month old prior to joining the video campaign.
  • Content must focus on a relevant topic like NFT project features, latest Art project token updates, Crypto and blockchain, etc.
  • The video must contain clear Images of the website and NFTs
  • Original content will be approved and copied from the project website, YouTube channels, or from random work that will get rejected.
  • The video must have a proper title, description, links, and keywords
  • All videos should have a link to the Proof of Authentication like the project website, medium page, Twitter page, Telegram group, Facebook page, YouTube channel or any other social media.

The user should submit the completed video here for review: https://forms.gle/GGB8PBk3eYjSNB7MA


We have reserved $10000 worth ETH and $ABUZ for YouTubers and video creators alike. Once the video is approved the rewards will be issued immediately as per the work assigned.

Note: Please read the guidelines of the Bounty Program before starting and make sure to follow the rules mentioned to retrieve the rewards. ApeAbu gaming platform officially reserves the right to modify the above-mentioned terms/rules at any time, and we believe that user will agree to abide by the most updated version of bounty program document.

We positively hope to see all of you reading this contest to join such great events/campaigns and want to thank you in advance for your continued support!

The Public mint of ApeAbu NFT will be live soon!

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