ApeAbu NFT YouTube Campaign, Review and Win Reward!

The Campaign

The content guidelines with dos and don’ts are mentioned below:

  • Review only www.apeabu.com, and rely on information released by the official channels only.
  • The channel must have minimum 5000 active subscribers with no fake engagement
  • It should have minimum 5K views on each video
  • The participant’s forum account needs to be at least 1 month old prior to joining the video campaign.
  • Content must focus on a relevant topic like NFT project features, latest Art project token updates, Crypto and blockchain, etc.
  • The video must contain clear Images of the website and NFTs
  • Original content will be approved and copied from the project website, YouTube channels, or from random work that will get rejected.
  • The video must have a proper title, description, links, and keywords
  • All videos should have a link to the Proof of Authentication like the project website, medium page, Twitter page, Telegram group, Facebook page, YouTube channel or any other social media.

The Public mint of ApeAbu NFT will be live soon!



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