ApeAbu To Start The Mint Sale In June ! Date Announcing soon

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2 min readJun 20, 2022

According to the research done by the Abu verse team, NFTs have already taken over the internet. Right from businesses to brands to celebrities, not a single person is left who isn’t vying to onboard the NFT bandwagon.

Like ABUZ token, some of these unique digital collectibles seems to be worth a fortune. Now, everyone is looking forward to grab a piece of assets for investment! The only key is to get them early on.

The back-to-back developments in the entire metaverse and play-to-earn gaming arena is eventually fueling the growth of the industry. ApeAbu is believed a new NFT project to spawn into the market with virtue and project success. We are worth putting your money in.

You might find an array of new NFT projects in the market; however, we are different from the crowd to promise you unique utilities and gaming experiences with excellent NFTs rewards for holders.

Our robust infrastructure, sophisticated roadmap plans and strategically designed gaming mechanics is a genuine proof of our potential to bring a new wave of enthusiasm to Web 3.0.

ApeAbu is Set to Start the Mint Sale

Abuverse is an interesting NFT gaming project to add to your watchlist right away. Any user associated with our project will earn valuable token rewards through persons’ skilled gameplay and contributions to the ApeAbu Genesis Squad ecosystem.

This platform is a perfect example to bring historic gameplay, community, rare NFTs and culture under one umbrella.

By incorporating the blockchain model and tactics of community building and ownership, our gaming project emphasizes to pave the path for a great new genre of Aladdin with
Abu NFTs which the world is yet to explore.

This gameplay is an NFT-run platform where you will exclusively explore on and on adventures with special effects and powers to accrue rewards.

Though we present various interesting ways to earn income/rewards/assets on our gaming platform.

We are featuring 2323 rare collections with 5% ETH monthly royalty on minting prices with an additional 5% ETH and 100 ABUZ tokens on every single referral purchase.

Unlike most of the play-to-earn gaming platforms you have explored, the user need not pay any amount or money to enter our historic princess hunt game.

You can play it for free and earn impressive NFTs and tokens in exchange.
The minting sale will commence in June 2022 showcased by the team of ApeAbu with a crash of NFTs available at your finger steps. Get ready for a blast! Don’t forget to join us on Discord for more latest updates.

The Public mint of ApeAbu NFT will be live soon!

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