Free Mint Giveaway Of Aepabu NFT’s For Influencers


Guaranteed Spots with just gas fees.

Free mint NFT giveaway by

ApeAbu is Super excited to release its chapter 1 collection ‘ Weaponise” over the public mint on 29th April on OpenSea. On the Go, we are inviting Influencers and creators to get a free mint giveaway( gas fees only).

Out of 2323 NFTs,s 323 are being allotted for Free mint over giveaway and bonus distribution.

Who all are invited?

Youtubers, Twitter accounts, discord accounts, tiktokers, Instagram accounts, bloggers, content writers, and graphic designers.

Task :

  • Create the content on the project review and the Vision
  • Do engagement on the post
  • Use proper info and links to project

Need help? reach Henry on telegram ( ) OR

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