Introducing ApeAbu NFT & Abuverse

ApeAbu NFT’s are the premium 2323 ape-styled collections of Abu monkey from Aladdin adventure. The NFT’s add up power to play and completed the game and also reward holder with ABUZ tokens and other rewards.
ApeAbu NFTs (

ApeAbu Genesis Squad Collections

ApeAbu NFT is a collection of 2323 ape-styled portraits created by 30 artists across the globe, built on Ethereum. Operating under the Abuverse game, the team will launch the NFTs in April-May 2022 while the holders can participate in the presale with the direct mint option.

Chapter 1: Weaponise

Chapter one is about distributing the total of 2323 NFTs that upgrade the holders with special powers while in the game. Features the visuals of Abu monkey with primary rarity traits like arm guards, guns, knives, hats, jackets, run boosters, fight boosters, and more

How to buy AbuApe NFT’s ?

All 100% of AbuApe NFTs will be available for direct minting on the website and minted on Opensea marketplace.



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