The ABUZ Bounty is live

ApeAbu Collection
1 min readMay 6, 2022

ApeAbu NFT brings bounty program of ABUZ tokens

Ape Abu bounty Program (

The Ape Abu Genesis Squad is excited to announce the bounty program of our network currency ABUZ.

We invite crypto and NFT enthusiasts folks to be a part of the active ApeAbu Community by holding the ABUZ tokens and showing regular support on social media.

How to Participate:

  • Open the form (link above)
  • Complete all the tasks in the form & Submit your profile links
  • Submit your wallet address

All the submissions will be reviewed and the ones with all the proper input will receive the reward.

The Reward :

  • Win 100 ABUZ on every verified submission
  • High engagement accounts get free Whitelist Spot
  • The top 30 Users will receive free NFT in the sale.

The distribution of all the rewards will be done at the time of the launch of the token or NFT.

ApeAbu NFT :

ApeAbu Genesis Squad is the collection of 2323 rare NFT of Abu monkey from the Aladdin game, it is Chapter 1 of Chapter 3 in building the Abuverse game.

The Collection is listed on OpenSea:

The Public mint of ApeAbu NFT will be live soon!

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